Participants describe real characters and real issues – The Experience Lab's realplay actors take on that role and engage participants in difficult conversations or scenarios. Tackling real situations and current challenges heightens the learning experience. Our actors react genuinely in-the-moment and are adept at providing a safe and rewarding experience which pushes participants just outside of their comfort zone. Participants gain hands-on experience trying new skills and techniques – bridging the knowing/doing gap.


Benefits of Realplay for Training

  • Participants get practical experience in realistic scenarios
  • Realplay allows participants to experiment with new skills and learning in a safe space
  • Realplay pushes comfort zones
  • The Experience Lab's realplayers and facilitators provide objective and constructive feedback to team members and organisations to aid with development.

Benefits of Realplay for Assessment

  • The delivery from the realplayers is consistent, ensuring equity for all those being assessed
  • The actors provide genuine responses in the moment based on how the participants perform the given scenario
  • Assessors observe the participants’ interpersonal, management and leadership skills first hand.