The Experience Lab provide highly skilled improvisers and actors to enhance training programs and give participants the opportunity to rehearse for reality using a variety of skill building exercises, performance based learning, simulations, and small group or one-on-one roleplays. 


Our roleplayers provide a different way for learners to engage with course content and help to bridge the gap between theory and practice. By offering a variety of entry points to learning our team gives participants the opportunity to practise new skills in a safe environment.

Our team consists of roleplayers aged 18 to 65 who come from a diversity of cultures, experiences and work backgrounds – allowing us to best match your needs. They are skilled in providing strong feedback to participants and understand that our job is not to be in the spotlight, but to provide experiences for participants to practise their skills in a safe space.

  • Enhance your sales and service teams

  • Handle aggressive customers

  • Challenge and assess prospective graduates

  • Hands-on practice for under-graduate students 

Our roleplayers are a key part of our Simulation, Theatre Based Learning and Challenging Conversations work.