Theatre Based Learning

Entertain and inform with plays written and devised to specifically target your organisation and your developmental focus. Participants interact with the performance and take-away practical information to  deal with the issues raised. This is a great way to launch initiatives to large audiences before working in smaller groups to impart knowledge and develop skills. 


Improvised scenarios – which the audience stops whenever they’d like to effect a change in the behaviour they’re seeing. By shaping the performer they get to see in real time how different approaches can effect the outcome and others behaviours.


Performances modelled on your specific workplace issues. Our improvisers ‘play back’ the issues, which participants help to shape and adjust. At the conclusion of the process teams return to the workplace with specific plans to implement.


Using theatrical techniques to help implement change – participants explore challenges, consider the consequences of not changing and then create ideas for change. The process provides participants with a good understanding of current issues and highlights the basis for change from a broad perspective, which encourages them to embody the change and feel positive about the impact of change.