We have a range of courses that are “ready to go”. They can be delivered as they are or may be adapted to meet your specific needs. Our “Ready-To-Do” plays and courses include:


Ready-To-Do Plays:

  • Larrikin or Larry Can’t – focuses on sexual harassment
  • Much Ado About Hector – focuses on bullying in the workplace
  • Caring for Mr Green – focuses on client-centred care in Aged Care Services
  • FIFO Life of Brian – focuses on the challenges of working FIFO for both the employee and family

Ready-To-Do Courses:

  • Act Like A Leader – develops leader’s skills in looking and sounding like a leader
  • Yes Let's: Team Enhancement- gets your team working outside their comfort zone and with each other
  • Difficult Conversations - supports your team with tackling the challenging conversations that we all have to face in the workplace