Restyling Business Culture

Does your business walk the talk? 

Positive business culture is only possible when there are clearly established values that are supported by the behaviour of the management and employees of an organisation. Working at either a team or organisation level, The Experience Lab offer a range of custom-designed programs that ensure your business culture is allowing all of your talented team members to operate at their best.

Values-Based Culture: 

Business culture is driven by a shared and applied set of values. The Experience Lab will work closely with your organisation to develop distinct values from scratch, or review and reflect on the existing values. With the values clearly defined, we work with you to explore how these look as behaviours in the workplace. We can then facilitate the launching (or relaunching) of the company values. Our unique programs involve the demonstration of supporting and conflicting behaviours and give the participants the opportunity to experience “living the values” through engaging activities. 

Legal Culture: 

Strong businesses encourage diversity and equal opportunities for all employees. To assist organisations in enhancing the synergy of their team, The Experience Lab offers specific programs to improve the understanding of complex issues such as bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination. These workshops ensure that everyone is equipped to recognise unlawful behaviours in the workplace and deal with them effectively within the parameters of the legislation.


The overwhelming benefits of creating a positive workplace are well documented. The Experience Lab has a number of tailor-made programs to help uncover your best practice for promoting employee wellness and wellbeing. We support workplaces in creating agile environments that have processes in place to diminish mental health concerns.