Enhancing Teams

A well functioning team is the key to the success of a contemporary workplace. 

Has your team been tenpin bowling, horse riding or abseiling as a team building exercise? Building a strong team is more than simply working together in a social setting. The Experience Lab take team building activities to the next level by providing opportunities for people to analyse and understand how the positive and supportive behaviours we apply in fun, social exercises can be transferred to the workplace. 


As well as helping participants recognise the relevance of our activities, we also ensure that all members of your team are actively involved. After all, it’s not teamwork if some people exclude themselves and simply watch! Our exercises are experiential and each activity rewards different skills sets so everyone has the opportunity to shine and allows everyone to contribute.  

Some of our popular programs for enhancing teams include: 


Yes And.jpg

For teams looking to learn some handy improvisation skills for the workplace and to make things up as they go.

Participants learn key improvisation skills of offer and acceptance, making others look good, taking risks, commitment and “yes, and…”. Everyone then puts these skills into action in teams as they learn a series of improv games.

And if you’re keen, get everyone on stage for a live show performing for the team.


For teams looking to have fun and are willing to be silly with a series of quirky tasks.

Teams take on numerous fiendish tasks which reward creativity and quick thinking. Tackled in quick succession, results are recorded and submitted for judging. 

Returning later in the day for a show over dinner or drinks the results are shown and a guest judge allocates points (often tongue in cheek) for the smartest, most creative and most surprising solutions.


For teams looking to come together and work on a communal project.

Small teams work together to devise the elements of a new society - from the name, flag, currency, town layout, national anthem, ceremonies and more.

Everyone must work together to ensure their component compliments the rest of utopia and to teach each other the new culture and rituals.

The Lab Race.jpg

For teams wanting to compete against the clock and each other.

Teams search for clues and take on a series of mental, physical and skill obstacles which need to be solved as quickly as possible.

Participants can choose to work with competing teams to try and get ahead or take their chances working solo.