Cultivating Effective Communication

Communication underpins every component of the contemporary workplace.

Cultivating effective communication skills is the most productive method of improving and sustaining constructive workplace culture.


Our strong ability to communicate effectively and nurture these skills in others was the catalyst for establishing The Experience Lab so we can confidently say we are experts in this field. We deliver engaging bespoke learning experiences that meet a range of interpersonal communication needs and enhance emotional intelligence. Participants in these workshops improve self-awareness about how they communicate and understand the impact their style has on others. We bring to light the effect that intentions have on the way people communicate and highlight the importance of empathy, body, tone and language, revealing how these work together.  


Examining the types of conversations that occur in specific workplaces, The Experience Lab provides opportunities to develop skills to engage in all of these effectively. We impart and enhance skills for effectively communicating when:

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Influencing
  • Relationship Building
  • Performance Managing
  • Engaging in difficult - crucial – critical – courageous conversations 


Employing theoretical and practical approaches to enhancing communication, The Experience Lab exposes participants to a variety of tried and tested tools and then guides them through a variety of simulated activities. These activities are devised to be as close to real life situations as possible and provide an ideal forum for participants to integrate academic learning into practice. Depending on an organisation’s unique needs, our programs can include demonstrations, role plays, real play, simulation using actors, skill development using acting and improvisation techniques. We also employ game-based training to highlight effective and ineffective communication. Throughout the learning experience, our participants are supported with being present and aware in a conversation, and given key skills for active listening, applicable questioning and asking the best types of questions for different circumstances and purposes.