Developing Leaders

Leadership experts Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones posed the question:  "Why should anyone be led by YOU?". Let The Experience Lab help you find out!

There is no “one way” to be a successful leader and this is why The Experience Lab offers customised programs to suit the unique needs of individuals and organisations. We will work with you individually or in a group to raise self-awareness as to how others are affected, both positively and negatively, by your natural style of communicating and interacting. Participants are provided with the opportunities to explore different ways of leading and this increases  awareness of any behaviours that are impacting the ability to lead. We help you reflect on how you want to be seen as a leader and use this to develop the most suitable leadership presence and style for you and the context. 


 The Experience Lab can cater learning experiences for people at different levels – from emerging leaders and those selected to take on leadership positions, through to those who are already in executive or management roles. Many people who are placed into leadership positions require training to enable them to hone the “soft skills” required to be most effective in these roles. 


Using 360 degree tools, we identify strengths and gaps and feed these back to the individual or organisation. From this, we create a leadership “toolkit” that works within the parameters of the specific workplace, incorporating any leadership models already in place. You can then choose whether you would like us to design a leadership program and implement it for you; collaborate with an external facilitator to develop a leadership program; or support your organisation with running a leadership program.