Join Us

Once a year The Experience Lab call for applications to join our ensemble.

Notification will be made via our Facebook page, a listing on Seek and a post on Starnow.

What we look for…

We seek motivated, talented actors between 18 and 70 to perform in our pre-devised theatre pieces and to perform characters in a variety of roleplay scenarios.


Not only will you be a great actor, you'll also have strong improvisation skills and may even have some roleplay experience. You'll be able to bring a character to life from a brief description and be able to do so quickly. You'll be in touch with your character's emotions and motivations, be able to put these into words and present this feedback to course participants. You understand that your role is to assist people learning and that the participants are the centre of attention – not you.

Like most acting work, there are times when you will be busy and times when you won't be. Most of our work is Monday to Friday 8–5 though there are occasional evening and weekend jobs.  


We keep our team small enough to ensure ongoing work, but large enough to provide you with the flexibility to take on other projects.

We offer new members of our team an induction which will help you navigate the role play environment and we offer ongoing professional development to develop your skills so you can be available for a wider variety of the programs we offer.


We seek actors from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  


If you’re interested in joining our team - please get in contact - sending us your resume, together with a short (1 page) outline of your skills and any experience of working in this capacity.

We will reserve your details until our next group audition.