As experts in experiential training, The Experience Lab have the skills and knowledge to take even the most lackluster presentation or workshop, and transform it into a program that is a unique selling point for your company. Our creative director is able to assist you in developing and delivering experiential and impactful training. 


“The Lab” is our value-add consultancy and is suitable for facilitators and workplace trainers. We work with these trainers and facilitators to design and maintain engagement and interest in their topics and develop new ways for them to enliven their sessions. We also assist other programs by conducting small parts of their content delivery when required. 


The process initially involves our consultant attending your course in order to view your style and content, and provide you with a verbal report. The cost of this process will be credited to you should you take one of the follow-on options.


If follow-on options are sought, the consultant will produce a written report that will outline a number of experiential activities that could value add to your course. Against each activity there will be a participant outcome and implementation strategy.  


You can opt to extend the process further to include mentoring and coaching of these new techniques and/or demonstration of them in your program. This could involve:

  • coaching to improve presenting skills and confidence
  • developing your experiential training skills (to use roleplay, forum theatre and so on in your workshops)
  • establishing contact with people who can help you develop your skills or collaborate with you to enhance your expertise at training for different purposes and situation. 


A suite of products supplied by The Experience Lab to enhance your presentations and workshops includes: 

  • Forum theatre
  • Scripted play
  • Realplayers
  • Video