UK born and raised, Anthony Parker sacrificed his art school education to see where his talents as the ‘class clown’ would lead. Since then Anthony has spent most of his career as a stand-up comedian touring the US. The transition into acting began accidentally after performing with an improv group as a means to improve his stand-up routines. He was spotted by a talent scout and signed with a Hollywood agency. This led to work in shows and commercials through his membership to both the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of TV and Radio Artists.

Anthony completed much of his acting training in LA. He attended the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio and trained with the Berubians Theatre Company under the tutelage of founder and esteemed-improviser Chris Beruge. He also completed comedy workshops with improv coach Denny Evans.

In addition to his impressive experience on stage and screen, Anthony has worked with many of the top advertising and public relations agencies in the US. The skills he has honed through marketing and creative brand strategy development are skills he has applied to his work with The Experience Lab. Anthony is also a former auctioneer and his quick thinking and rapport with a crowd is demonstrated throughout the workshops and role plays with which he is involved.