Jenny has been a professional role player for over a decade and her ability to quickly transition into larger than life characters is testament to her experience. With an eclectic employment history showcased in her resume, Jenny balances curiosity with an excellent understanding of a range of workplaces.

With her vast roleplay experience and capacity to quickly learn scripts, Jenny is a valued team member. Amongst the range of workshops in which she has played a pivotal role for The Experience Lab was the extensive customer service program that was implemented for BaptistCare.

Her passion for all aspects of stage and screen arts has been the catalyst for her pursuit of training opportunities within the field. In addition to her Certificate in Design specialising in Theatrical Arts, she has trained with Perth Actors Collective, Jenny Edgley and the Film and Television Institute. Jenny has performed in a number of amateur theatrical and singing productions and has featured in several short films. She is a singer for the Environmental Opera and Jazz group and is a keen amateur photographer.

In conjunction with her comprehensive involvement in the arts, Jenny has worked across a range of other industries, ranging from assembling electronics to extensive experience in hospitality and retail. One of the many fascinating positions of employment listed on Jenny's resume is her role with the UK Consulate.  Jenny is able to confidently draw on all of her work and life skills to quickly adapt to any scenario presented in The Experience Lab workshops.


Jenny with Barbara and Michael for Baptist Care workshop