Mark Calligan’s experiences in the entertainment and media industries spans across three decades. He began his foray into a profession led by creativity with a degree in journalism and is renowned for his outstanding language skills.

Mark’s background working in a variety of industries allows him to really understand human nature and the essential quirkiness of humanity. He has worked in government departments such as Centrelink and has been a storeman in a number of factories and warehouses. When working with The Experience Lab, Mark enjoys recalling and drawing on the traits of some of his former colleagues and cites that one of his favourite moments was workshopping a show and getting to channel so many people he knew in the 70s.

Mark’s honed listening skills, compassionate nature and understanding of human behaviour makes him a valuable member of the team as he is able to capture those wonderful down to earth people in his performances. He has often been described as "polymathic" in that he has extensive knowledge about a lot of subjects and this intellectual capacity enables him to think quickly and laterally when roleplaying.

Theatrically, Mark’s career has seen him take to the stage as an actor, comedian, improviser and crazy poet. In the 80s and 90s, he was a member of the hugely successful Theatresports team “Elliot’s Pause” where his quick wit, flair for satire and creative wordplay made him a crowd favourite. He directed and performed in an improvised show at the Adelaide Fringe and has performed at Fringeworld Perth in 2015 and 2016.


Mark with Michael and Leanne at Partners in Recovery Mental Health workshop