Amanda has been a roleplayer and/or presenter who has been providing valuable opportunities for participants of training courses and professional development for over 15 years. One of the many unique traits that she brings to The Experience Lab is that she has first-hand, lifelong experience of living with a disability. Amanda lives with cerebral palsy and uses an electric wheelchair.

Her foray into acting and the different types of activities offered by The Experience Lab began over a decade ago when she teamed up with company director, Michael, to deliver Disability Awareness Training. These courses are regularly sought by local and state government bodies as well as corporate organisations and are designed to support people with overcoming any concerns, misconceptions or detrimental behaviours they may reveal when interacting with someone with a disability. As a co-facilitator at these events, Amanda ensured that the content being delivered was practical and designed in a way to have a real impact in the workplace.

In 2017, Amanda joined The Experience Lab team as one of the roleplayers in the Diversity and Inclusion Conference which was part of the Australasian Oil and Gas Expo. She has also featured in our series of short training films on disabilities in the workplace.

In addition to her invaluable contributions to our team, Amanda is on the committee for Access for Bayswater Council and is involved in the Cerebral Palsy Association. Whilst she is proud of the independence she has worked hard to achieve, Amanda faces many challenges when completing everyday tasks or interacting with others and these are experiences she can explain to our workshop participants in a way that nobody else can.

The Experience Lab has given Amanda the opportunity to explore her love for theatre whilst also giving her the motivation and confidence to deliver high quality learning experiences to our clients.


Amanda and Dan for the Diversity and Inclusion Conference