Jaleesa’s career in improvisation and roleplay has seen her perform throughout Australia and internationally. These experiences, combined with her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, make her a highly perceptive creative who engages authentically with a range of characters. 

Before she joined The Experience Lab, Jaleesa worked professionally as a performer of improvised comedy with various Perth and Toronto-based groups. She has been a cast member of successful improv-based FringeWorld shows including “OTH Live” and “Crazy Sexy Improv”. Jaleesa was also a cast member of “The Perth Comedy Road Trip” performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

Jaleesa completed her university studies and has worked in customer service, customer support, sales and marketing. She thrives on work that allows her to interact with diverse people and her charismatic nature and desire to support others, enable her to create genuine rapport with clients. Her previous roles have helped her develop a strong understanding of the operation, culture, systems and language of different workplaces; knowledge that she is able to transfer instinctively to her work with The Experience Lab.  

It is her boundless passion for roleplay and improvisation that attracted her to the team and she is enthusiastic about encouraging workshop participants to appreciate the value in being spontaneous and creative. Seeing clients not only accept the principals of improvisation, but laugh and relax throughout the process, has been a real joy for her.