Jacob Fjord

Director | Facilitator | Actor

Jacob began his training as improviser and roleplayer when he was a secondary school student. In 2002, he became the producer for DavisonBros Productions, an animation studio producing stop-motion for short films, commissions and television commercials. These experiences, combined with his ongoing employment as a roleplayer and facilitator for the Australian Institute of TheatreSports, have enabled him to expertly identify and cater to the logistical needs of clients in his role as one of the company directors.

In addition to his talents as a leader, manager and organiser for The Experience Lab team, Jacob is a highly competent facilitator, roleplayer and realplayer who has helped develop and deliver our own programs. He has also partnered with individual trainers or training departments from an array of industries, to support them with improving and/or effectively implementing their workshops. When involved in a workshop, Jacob’s dry sense of humour endears him quickly with the participants and builds their trust and engagement. This allows him to provide honest feedback, both informal and formal, in a constructive and supportive manner.

Prior to founding The Experience Lab with Angela and Michael, Jacob worked as a coordinator for Home and Community Care; a role in which he showed a high level of compassion, empathy and resilience in supporting disadvantaged members of our community. He was also the founder and director of two companies; Pixelbox Networks, a website hosting service, and Papercut Media, a design agency supporting clients with brand development, logo and graphic design, and website development. These diverse experiences highlight his strengths in fulfilling both the logistic and the interpersonal functions of his current role.



Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies), Murdoch University


0412 662 285