Nick’s acting career began in the early 2000s with student films and amateur theatre. Shortly after this debut, his charismatic disposition and quick wit put him on the radar of many of the top theatre and film professionals in Perth. For over a decade, he has worked on many local professional film productions and television commercials. One of his favourite acting moments was working on a scene with Geoffrey Rush on set of “Bran Nue Dae”. He has also written and directed three well-received short films. 

Having lived in the UK, USA and Australia, he has had the fortune of experiencing a colourful variety of jobs outside of the film, television and theatre industries. Some of these roles include traveling as a croupier on a Carribean cruise ship, owning/managing a custom drapery business and being the Managing Director of a tax accountancy firm. 

Nick believes that it is this varied working history, in combination with his acting adventures, that enable him to see things from various perspectives and to readily adapt to changing circumstances. He finds exploring new characters a thrill and feels the balance between adhering to a script or scenario whilst engaging in improvised interaction with the audience really makes for an exciting experience and keeps him on his toes. He has discovered that time certainly flies during a performance with The Experience Lab