Jessica is a highly accomplished performer, writer and director with an impressive career history spanning a range of industries. She is currently completing her Master of Arts in Writing and brings an abundance of theoretical and practical awareness to the team.

Prior to joining The Experience Lab team, Jessica worked extensively as an improviser and has proven her talent with the exceptional success she has achieved in her role as one-half of Jane Austen inspired improvisational comedy duo “Sense & Spontaneity”. The show’s three seasons at Fringe World led to selection for Don Russel Performing Arts Centre’s “Best of the Fringe”. They toured through Regional WA and recently had a rewarding season at Adelaide Fringe Festival. The duo’s viral video  ‘Dear Mr Darcy’ has even had over six hundred thousand views.

In addition to her work as a performer, Jessica has developed her versatility and interpersonal skills with employment and education in the fields of social and youth work. One of her many responsibilities was with Fusion Student Housing Services where she supported at-risk and homeless youths. With an Advanced Diploma in Counseling and Family Therapy she is adept at communicating, negotiating and liaising with an array of personality types and she competently puts this into practice in her work with The Experience Lab

Jessica has received recognition for her work as a writer. In this capacity she has worked both embedded in office environments but also as a permanent staff member in large multidisciplinary office environments. Jessica has a special interest in best practice, and workplace relations, and this was the focus of her article ‘From Toxic Theatre to Safe Spaces’ which was published by Artshub in 2017.

It is The Experience Lab's emphasis on best practice as well as building creative and collaborative professional relationships that attracted her to the role. She is thrilled to be part of a company that embodies the principals they explore in each of their workshops and is determined to promote the same passion in others.