Charlotte's qualifications and experience in the human resource sector blend perfectly with her training as an actor and singer to enable her to interact with a range of industries in an authentic and empathetic manner. With a passionate and energetic demeanor, she ignites a similar zest in others when working with our clients.

As an actor, she has trained with some of Perth’s top coaches and has a dazzling resume filled with theatre and television commercial credits. For over a decade, Charlotte has been the lead singer in a number of popular local bands and currently she is a highly sought after wedding singer as a soloist act known as “Charlotte Rigoli Music”.

Charlotte’s background in human resources has given her the chance to work with people from a range of demographics. Her qualifications in this field include a Certificate II in Business and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment; given The Experience Lab’s commitment to best practice in workplace training and development, Charlotte’s studies make her an asset to the team.

The performance and audience-interaction skills she has honed from her concerts and her screen and theatre acting complement her extensive understanding of workplace behaviour and relationships. This was pivotal in securing her the positions of State Coordinator and then Administration Officer and tutor with the renowned Australian Girls’ Choir. These are skills she transfers effortlessly into her work for The Experience Lab, providing her with the confidence and knowledge to deliver superb learning opportunities to our clients.