Megan’s journey in theatre, film and television began as stage and screen actor and later led to her founding a sought after commercial and theatrical production service.

Amongst Megan’s many professional experiences as an actor, she worked with two reputable roleplay companies who supported their clients in the delivery of training and education. She provided scenario training for police cadets at the West Australian Police Academy and, for the Department of Corrective Services, she helped train prison guards to deal effectively with scenarios they may experience in a prison environment. Megan also worked closely with trainees at the Department for Child Protection, adopting a variety of characters in interview scenarios to simulate the potential experiences faced during their career. Other clients of these roleplay companies included medical training facilities and corporate office environments.

Megan currently juggles her time working across a variety of performance and production roles. She is highly regarded for her ability to organise crew and equipment, scout and secure shoot locations, cast talent and manage contracts, transportation and accommodation in her work for her Perth-based film and television production service. Her work in casting sees her providing positive direction to the auditionees and supporting them closely to help them achieve the best performance of the character they have been asked to portray. Megan is regularly required to improvise alongside the auditionees to facilitate the desired outcomes.  

This mix of experience and skill has given Megan the capacity to adapt or respond to any opportunity presented to her when working with The Experience Lab. They are also characteristics that make her adept at nurturing the professional and personal growth of workshop participants; she feels that making a difference to workplace culture through creativity is an invaluable experience for everyone.