Since 2016, Daniel has rapidly established himself as a confident, engaging and competent actor, presenter and host. His vast number of roles within these capacities makes him another versatile role-player in The Experience Lab team.

When Daniel began studying acting his natural ability to adopt a range of genuine characters was noticed by his acting coach. He was encouraged to continue his training and soon after started securing roles in short films, theatre productions, television commercials and feature films. In 2017, Daniel enrolled in an improvisational comedy acting course and it was here that he consolidated his love for spontaneously generating characters and ideas for performance.

Prior to pursuing acting, Daniel worked in sales and marketing for over two decades. With his charming and likeable demeanor, he is able build rapport quickly with people from all backgrounds. This has seen him secure roles as a Master of Ceremonies, a product ambassador and a host for dating events. The combination of these roles and experiences has helped Daniel to develop a strong understanding of concepts and theories connected to body language, micro-expressions, reciprocal questions and gestures of influence.

Daniel believes that The Experience Lab team is one that fully supports, encourages, trusts and respects each other with every member consistently giving 100% to their role; it is this positive culture that he strives to promote and helps to generate within the workplaces of our clients.