Angela Sanderson-Green

Director | Facilitator | Actor

Angela Sanderson-Green is an Occupational Therapist by trade, who since graduating from the Chimera Acting School has focused on providing experiential learning across a broad range of businesses using simulations; scenarios and role play to engage learning.

Over the past 25 years Angela has worked extensively as a facilitator, coach, improviser and role play actor across Australia and SE Asia. Delivering her own programmes and partnering with a number of training organisations Angela has provided organisations with an insight on interpersonal relationships with an emphasis on providing participants strong feedback on their presentation and impact on others.

Angela is a highly skilled improviser and role player actor with the ability to take on any character in any scenario, usually with alarming accuracy in a short timeframe. Clients often remark that it feels like they are actually having a conversation with the person whose persona Angela is adopting. In this capacity she is able to both provide feedback as the character and as an observer, bringing to life the emotions and feelings of the character and providing this insight to participants.

Angela has been a multiple WA TheatreSports champion, has competed in national TheatreSports competitions and represented Australia at the World Championships and the World Expo.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy), WAIT now Curtin University
Postgraduate Studies in Research Methodology, Curtin University
Human Synergistics ® Accredited Practitioner

Sanderson-Green, Angela and Michael Sanderson-Green (2003), Yes Let’s: Play Games to Ignite Learning, Perth: Papercut Media.


0407 389 993

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Angela Sanderson-Green
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