Kelly juggles her time working across a range of performance and teaching roles.  Her array of qualifications and her experience teaching multiple secondary school subjects throughout WA has provided her with many skills that she brings to her work with The Experience Lab.

Teaching has enabled Kelly to hone strong skills as a presenter, facilitator and writer. She is regularly involved as a roleplayer for student development and assessment at Curtin University, delivers values-based workshops and, in partnership with EEO Specialists, presents the workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination plays and/or training for various companies. Having written and directed a number of large-scale productions for secondary schools, she continues to apply her love of writing to corporate projects and plays for The Experience Lab

For over a decade, she has ignited a passion for English, theatre and film and television in young adults in her role as a secondary teacher.  She has taught Physical and Health Education and remains committed to promoting physical and mental health.  In 2010, she taught at a trade school in Karratha - which provided her with opportunities to liaise with industry leaders from the mining and resource sector and develop training packages for young adults. 

Prior to teaching, Kelly had long term positions working as a retail manager, personal fitness trainer and marketing and communications consultant within the food industry.  She relishes the opportunities to work with people from a range of industries and loves that she can connect many of her personal experiences to the anecdotes participants share in workshops and discussions.


Kelly and Jacob in "Much Ado About Hector"